Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sony officially announced new PSP

Sony Computer Entertainment officially announced new model of portable console PSP. The device was shown by president SCE of Kaz Hirai during the special press conference co-ordinated for start of exhibition E3. The console which has received name PSP Go, it will quit in the North America and Europe on October, 1st, 2009. The recommended cost of new model in the USA will make 250 dollars. The European gamers should pay 250 euros.
The portable game system will have slide screen. This solution has allowed to make PSP Go more compact. By word representatives Sony, the new device will be on 50 percent less, and on 40 percent it is easier original PSP. The length of the console makes approximately 128 millimetres, width - 69 millimetres, a thickness - 16,5 millimetres. Weight PSP Go - about 158 grammes.

The screen diagonal will make 3,8 inches that on half-inch it is less, than for the previous models PSP. The console will lose the slot for disks of format UMD - all games will extend through special network tools. The size of built in flash-memory PSP Go will make 16 gigabytes. The device will possess also the slot for memory maps Memory Stick Micro. Besides it developers will add support Bluetooth.

Kaz Hirai has underlined that in the company are not gathered to refuse release of games on UMD-disks. Thus developers have marked that yet do not send suitable solution for those gamers who already have bought many games for PSP on physical mediums.

Hearings about new model PSP appeared in the beginning of year. In April journalists have learnt the name of new game system. One of these days new number of interactive on-line log Qore in which one of heads SCEA John Koller (John Koller) has confirmed the fact of existence PSP Go has got to the Internet.

For the refreshed console already announced some games. It is known that on October, 1st studio Polyphony Digital will release on PSP racing simulator Gran Turismo. The head of company Kadzunori Jamauti has marked that in game will be presented about 800 cars and 35 various lines. He also has told that portable Gran Turismo will go for speed of 60 frames in a second. In game there will be a multi-user mode on four persons.

Besides it at press conference Sony the announcement of game Resident Evil Portable has taken place. It is marked that it not a remake, and absolutely new game. It should go on sale in 2010
Photo by press service of Sony Computer Entertainment

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

3G module for MacBook

Apple plans to equip the new notebooks with 3G unit, informs Electronista. Journalists have made such output after have studied one of vacancies of this company.
Apple searches for the engineer for operation in division Mac Hardware Group. One of its duties - testing of computer equipment for operation with 3G, and also with Bluetooth, Ethernet and Wi-Fi.
In technician Apple, behind an exception iPhone 3G, there are no units for operation in networks of cellular communication of the third generation. To equip notebooks 3G unit the company explains the unwillingness incompatibility of various networks of cellular communication of the third generation in which operative range there are users.
Now all leading manufacturers of notebooks release computers with built in 3G unit. Some models of such notebooks extend operators under the subsidised circuit, as smart phones and mobile phones.
In particular, AT&T suggests inhabitants of several cities of the USA to buy an ultracheap notebook with 3G unit for 50 dollars that is several times cheaper than a retail price of such computer. Complete with it нетбуком there is a two-year contract on telecommunication service AT&T with the minimum subscriber card 59,95 dollars a month.
Probably, under similar circuit AT&T will extend also notebooks Apple with 3G unit if the such appear. Now this operator sells subsidised smart phones Apple iPhone 3G.
Photo by Apple

Monday, May 4, 2009

Journalists assigned a premiere of new Kindle for 6 May

Within the next few days company Amazon will present the new device for reading of electronic documents, informs CrunchGear. Indirectly it is confirmed with press conference Amazon assigned for 6th May. The truth to that it will be devoted representatives of the company do not specify.
According to The New York Times, new Amazon Kindle it is intended for reading of newspapers and logs. As consequence, this device will have a big screen. Technical characteristics new Kindle are not informed.
Now Amazon releases the device for reading of electronic books Kindle 2. The diagonal of its screen is equal to six inches. Cost Kindle 2 - 359 dollars.
One of features Kindle 2 - a text conversion in speech. At its activation the device reads the document opened at present.
The first version Kindle has been presented in November, 2007. It cost 399 dollars. Device development has taken more than three years.
Photo by Amazon

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sony will show new PSP version in June

Sony plans to present the new version of portable console PSP at exhibition E3 which will pass in the beginning of June of current year. About it writes IGN referring to the information which the portal 1UP has received from own sources. It is supposed that the device will carry name PSP Go! In Japan the console should appear in September, and inhabitants of the USA can buy it in the end of October or in the beginning of November, 2009.
Journalists have confirmed hearings that new model PSP will lose slot for disks of UMD format. They also have added that in sale two versions of the console - with flash-memory volume in 8 and 16 GB will arrive. The device will have slide screen that will allow to clean all basic buttons from obverse PSP panel.

It is informed that by the time of start of the updated console to downloading it will be accessible over 100 games. And into their number will enter both already left, and absolutely new projects. On the hearings, one of the first games who can be downloaded, becomes Gran Turismo Mobile, announced in May, 2004.

Representatives of Sony have refused to make comments on this information. We will notice that else in February the Japanese division of the company has started search of people to which should test new game system. Thus in Sony have not specified, over what device work at the moment. It is known only that it concerns trade marks PlayStation or PSP.

Let's remind that PSP left in Japan in the end of 2004. In 2007 has appeared thin and easy PSP-2000, and last year start PSP-3000 with the advanced LCD-screen and the built in microphone has taken place.

By the present moment all over the world it is sold more than 50 million PSP. Company Sony console takes the second place in the market of portable game systems, essentially conceding DS from Nintendo.
Photo by 1UP Portal

Asus has let out netbook in MacBook Air style

Corporation Asus has let out on Taiwan ultrathin netbook Eee PC 1008HA which observers on dimensions compare with MacBook Air. The thickness Eee PC 1008HA varies from 18 to 26 millimetres. It it is notable less sheet of format A4 (length - 262, width - 178 millimetres).
Device Asus is equipped by the ten-inch screen, processor Atom working on frequency 1,66 GhZ, 1GB memories DDR2 and a hard disk in capacity of 160 GB.

There are two USB-modules, modules Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR are built in and I Ethernet-will corrode.

Weight Eee PC 1008HA it makes 1,1 kgs, one of the lungs in the class. The battery of this netbook provides independent work within six hours. Exact cost of the device while is unknown. It is expected that on sale in other countries, except Taiwan, netbook will appear within the next weeks.

Netbook, messages about which have appeared in February, has been announced Asus in March, at exhibition CeBIT 2009. Then it was expected that its price will not exceed 571 dollars.
Photo by Asus

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Flash has got into TVs

Adobe announced the new version of Flash technology -
Flash Platform
for the Digital Home, informs IDG News. It is intended for home electronics and allows to look on the screen of the TV of video from the Internet in format FLV, without using the computer or a special prefix. The new version of platform Flash will allow to look on the screen of the TV of video in the HD-permission. It will work not only with TVs, but also, for example, with players Blu-ray and DVD. It will allow both to look a content, and to write it to optical carriers. Now on technology Flash, in particular, carry out a stream announcement various videohosting, for example, YouTube. Also Flash it is used for creation of animated sites. Flash Platform for the Digital Home have supported such companies, as Atlantic Records, Broadcom, Comcast, Disney Interactive Media Group, Intel, Netflix, STMicroelectronics, The New York Times Company, NXP Semiconductors and Sigma Designs. The first devices on its base will appear in the second half of the year 2009. We will mark that in August of last year of company Yahoo! And Intels have agreed to create a platform uniting a television and the Internet. It means installation in TVs, tuners of a cable television and players of optical disks of special processors of Intel and program Yahoo shell!. It will allow to use during review various miniapplications.
Picture by Adobe

LG will manufacture the 32-inch OLED-TV in 2010

In the middle of 2010 LG will manufacture the OLED-TV with the
32-inch screen
, informs Smarthouse referring to the data received from own sources. A guessed price of this TV - four thousand dollars. In 2009 there will be 15-inch OLED-display from LG on the market. Originally it will be established only in new laptop Apple which, predictably, will present in June. By the end of the year LG will manufacture the 15-inch monitor or the TV with the OLED-screen. In March of a current year it was informed that Apple and LG have made contract on delivery of OLED-displays. It is supposed that such screens will appear in new iPhone and iPod Touch, and also in netbook which ostensibly intend to manufacture Apple. Couple of days ago representatives LG have declared that will manufacture the first OLED-TVs in the end of a current year. They will cost more expensive at least twice Zhk-panels of a similar diagonal. OLED-TV LG prototype has been presented in October, 2008. The diagonal of its screen constitutes 19 inches. Then chiefs LG underlined that they while do not have plans on serial issue of such systems. Now the unique serial OLED-TV is Sony XEL-1. The diagonal of its screen is equal to 11 inches, a retail price in the USA - 2,5 thousand dollars. In January of a current year Sony has presented a prototype of the OLED-TV with the 21-inch screen. Unlike Zhk-panels, OLED-TVs more thin also consume not enough energy. However their production is rather expensive. One of the reasons of expensive production - the big percent of spoilage. Reduction of number of the rejected OLED-panels is priority problem LG in 2009.
Photo by LG

Thursday, April 2, 2009

AMD announced the most powerful videocard

AMD announced the most powerful in the world geometry processor ATI Radeon HD 4890. Its computational capability makes 1,36 TFLOPS. ATI Radeon HD 4890 can work on frequencies to 1GhZ. The chip is made on 55-nanometer to technical process, consists of 956 million transistors and 800 stream processors. It is equipped by the 256-bit interface supporting superfast memory GDDR5. For ATI Radeon HD 4890 PCI slot Express x16 2.0 is required. ATI Radeon HD 4890 supports application interface DirectX 10.1, including 4.1 shader versions. Also support of graphics library OpenGL 3.0 is declared. Cost of this video card is unknown.
Photo by press service of the company.

New HTC smartphone with qwerty-keyboard

HTC has presented smart phone Snap at CTIA Wireless 2009 exhibition, informs Electronista. It is fulfilled in atypical for HTC to arranging - a monoblock with the qwerty-keyboard without the touch panel. Smart phone HTC Snap is constructed on the basis of processor Qualcomm working with frequency 528 MhZ. Size of the RAM of the device - 192 MB, capacity of the built in flash-memory - 256 MB. Last it is possible to expand at the expense of a memory map microSD. Display HTC Snap diagonal makes 2,4 inches. From wireless communication units in the smart phone is Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth. Any of them can be used for synchronisation of a calendar, contacts and a mail box. Also in the device there is GPS unit and the 2 megapixel camera. HTC Snap works under control of Windows Mobile 6.1. For most conveniences in this smartphone is pre-installed TouchFLO 3D shell program. Now HTC releases about 20 models of smartphones. Among them, before appearance Snap, there was no monoblock with the qwerty-keyboard. Besides, all other smart phones HTC are equipped by touch panels.
Photo by HTC.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Olympus presents new DSLR-camera

Photomanufacturer Olympus has presented the new budgetary DSLR-camera. New E-450 becomes replacement E-420 - the novelty is equipped with a 10-MEGAPIXEL sensor control and geometry processor TruePic III +. Sensitivity of the camera makes from 100 to 1600 ISO, and speed of shooting makes 3.5 frames in second, thus the buffer saves to 8 frames in format RAW simultaneously. The novelty has three "art" filters: - Pop Art, Soft Focus and Pin Hole, and also improved mode Live View in which there was a function of recognition of persons and shade compensation. Among other interesting functions are worthy the mechanism for autocleaning from a dust, support of cards of format CF and xD, and also remote synchronisation of flash. Sales E-450 will start in May in three base modifications, different objectives. The price a novelty while is unknown. Photo from